ESP PetroChemicals is one of the nation’s fastest-growing formulators of specialty chemicals for the oil and gas industry.

As the energy sector continues to focus on cost containment and efficiency, more and more operators are looking to ESP to assist them with:

  • • drilling / production
  • • pipeline / mid-stream
  • • waste management / salt water disposal

ESP has demonstrated its ability to help operators increase productivity, enhance profitability – and lower environmental remediation costs – through its proprietary line of custom-blended products and innovative applications.

Enhanced Productivity

ESP sets itself apart by providing customized solutions for each individual producer, at each specific well site.

We don't sell a commoditized product line. We don't market a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Instead, we take an individualized approach to this business.

We tackle problems in the field, at the wellhead.
Our field engineers conduct hands-on testing, at each well site, and then, bring the samples back to our lab, where our highly-trained chemists can formulate a unique blend of compounds engineered precisely to your specific geologic formation or unique well conditions.

Increased Profitability

Rather than offer a line of ready-mixed, pre-packaged additives (a standard “Coke” or a “Pepsi”), our consultants and analysts have the experience and operating flexibility to provide producers with any specific "flavor" they may need for their particular well.

While our competitors achieve 65% to 75% separation of marketable hydrocarbons, ESP has consistently demonstrated its ability to increase production yields to achieve optimum output in excess of 90% to 95%.

What this means is – at current oil and gas prices – an ESP specialty chemical program pays for itself.

Cleaner Environment

With experience in waste water treatment and disposal, we also assist operators in their effort to meet environmental compliance regulations.

We formulate custom separation chemicals and water polishing additives, and deliver those directly to our customer's salt water disposal sites.

In the production sector, by increasing separation – and extracting more sellable product from each well – ESP can help oil and gas producers in their efforts to be green by lowering remediation costs, decreasing the need for trucking, and helping to protect the environment.